Mandolin Micro-Etude 1

Audio (accompaniment with Micro-etude)
  • Concepts I’m trying to learn with this exercise. The annotated video above will have more information if you’re interested in details.
    • (212) hand position.
    • Tone quality–working on a consistent dark and legato sound.
    • Eliminating tension in my left-hand grip. Just pushing on the strings enough to “seal” the note, but without wasted extra compression.
    • Grace notes (Hammer-on’s and Pull-off’s).
    • Groove. Getting “inside” the music. Quarter notes in compound time signatures like this one are tricky to play. Pay special attention to the third note in each group of three. Many people have a tendency to shorten the third note–essentially creating a 3:3:2 ratio between the lengths of the three notes. They should be evenly spaced in time.)

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