No. 2 ET VAMP 44.G.76

  1. Start with a single note again. This time try different ones and see what they feel like over the music.
  2. Compose your own melody and write it down. I would like you to turn this in at Blackboard. Think about the solfeggio as you’re working on this project. Do your best with the notation and we’ll take time in class to help anyone who wants to revise their notation (but turn it in before Tuesday at midnight, so that I can grade them before class on Wednesday.
  3. This one has no chord changes. The bass line is from the pentatonic scale, the xylophone is just two notes (G and D), and the pad is a big G chord. The drums don’t do much at all except act like a metronome.
  4. This one is slower to make it easier to think while you are playing. 🙂

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