No. 1 ET Vamp 44.Bb.90

  1. Improvise on Bb alone.
    • Start with just one Bb. See what you can do.
    • Add other Bb octaves and experiment with what advantages they add.
  2. Improvise on Bb D F.
    • Try each alone first (similar to step 1 above).
    • Get a feel for what it is like to be on the third and fifth of a major chord/key.
    • Mix them up.
  3. Improvise on Bb Major Pentatonic Scale.
    • Bb, C, D, F, G
    • See the 3 and the 2!
    • What rhythms are easy on these groupings?
    • Try adding the Fa (Eb) to this exercise. Now if you play stepwise and don’t repeat any notes, every other note will be in the Bb major chord!
  4. Improvise freely on Bb Major Scale.
    • Listen to what you’re playing. Singing along is the quickest way to improve your ear.
    • Note that you are always just one note away from a chord tone–but not always in both directions.

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