Funky Amy!

I’m coming up with a bunch of sketches while I’m learning how to make music in my new studio at home. It’s been a lot of fun and I decided to dedicate the first one to my good friend Amy. Fran’s birthday snuck one in early, but this was the first one that I had planned.

Amy is one of my favorite people in the world. When I’m sad, a phone call with her can get me to laugh. When I start a new project, it often begins with a brainstorming session and, if I can get her input during that session, the rest of the work goes much more smoothly and the results are better than where I can get myself.

For instance, I asked her about odd facts about Santa–planning to make a verse out of each one I found. She said (almost immediately) something to the effect of, “Why would Santa bring expensive presents to rich kids and cheap presents to poor kids.” Fantastic, obvious, and in many people’s (my included) blind spot. Verse 5 of “North Pole Ass Hole:”

  • Good Ronnie’s Daddy’s rich:
  • as such, his gift from St. Dick
  • is his heart’s desire.
  • Nancy, as Ronnie, is equally nice:
  • but her Daddy’s poor
  • so her gift is just 2 dice.
  • A Paradise for rich Ronnie and a Pair of Dice for poor Nancy.

With thanks for this and a hundred other ideas you’ve shared with me, I dedicate this audio sketch/card to you, Amy.

This sketch is an experiment in funk and Ableton Live software. I don’t have much experience with improvising notes over chords so a number of the upcoming sketches will feature improvisations over simple changes. Here’s the video that pointed me in this direction:

Amy Brings the Funk

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