Ukulele Lessons

Ukulele Lesson 3: The Right Hand

Tips for the Right Hand:

  1. Stroke down with the middle finger’s nail.  The two adjacent fingernails may join to give more weight–which will help these fingers to sound as heavy as the thumb (on the upstroke).  On the downstroke, try to have your thumb land in the exact place that it wants to be for the next upstroke.  This will allow you to play fast later!
  2. Stroke up by dragging the thumbnail up the strings.  Since the thumb ended the downstroke just below the strings, it is ready to play on the upstroke by simply dragging it straight up toward your chin.  At the end of the upstroke, try to have your middle finger land where it is ready for the downstroke.
  3. We’ll talk about the percussion stroke in more detail in a future lesson.

Here is the video for this lesson!

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